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Beauty Salons & Consultants

Local beauty salons, tanning studios, health treatments in PR2

Beauty Salons

Allure Hair And Beauty

19 Woodplumpton Rd, Preston PR2 2LN, UK – 01772 721820

Janine is brilliant with holistic treatments.The calm and relaxing ambiance sets me up for the stresses of my life

Love it here...Girls are sooo friendly and you just feel relaxed....xx

Charisma Tanning & Beauty Salon

342 Blackpool Rd, Fulwood, Preston PR2 3AA, UK – 01772 787575

Staff are very professional and friendly. The treatments offered are very fairly priced and great in quality. They also offer sunbeds, stand up and lay down as well. There is special offers advertised in the shop as well as a selection of beauty products on offer for sale. The salon is open late Tuesday to Thursday. Highly recommended thus salon as one of the best if not the BEST in the area and there seem to be a lot of them around this area.

Lovely girls...great sunbeds..fantastic offers

House Of Hair & Beauty

55 Friargate, Preston PR1 2AT, UK – 01772 258330

Excellent hairdressing, Neil is a giftedhairdresser along with a very gifted team, creative, artistic cater for all and coped well one very nervous and why young lady!

UPDATE ON THIS REVIEW: The manager, Neil, contacted me after I complained to them via Facebook messenger, and I was asked to come in. I came in and he looked at what had been done, and showed me how to style it into my hair - but admitted it wasn't like I asked for. For context, I had a shaved head around 1.5 yrs ago and I get verrry protective over my hair - if I ruin it, it's my fault, but things done by anyone else puts my back up. HOWEVER, when I came in, I was offered a drink and a seat, and Neil told me he'd be with me in 20 minutes. He looked at my hair and then tried to help me work out how to style it, and when it was deemed something I'd just have to live with/grow out, he told me to come in and get trims as it grew, gave me a FULL refund, and then gave me some complimentary hair products. Thank you so much, I really thought I was going to go unheard, but it goes to show that if you communicate then things do improve. I'm upping this from a 1 star to a 3 star because, while it shouldn't have happened in the first place, the customer service to correct the issue was excellent. I went in with a slightly longer version of my profile pic, with my fringe past my nose. I asked for a tidy-up and curtain fringe/"Bardot bangs" that are very popular, without taking much length off, and advised the young chap that I wore my hair quite messy, which is very on-trend and has been for the last 10ish yrs. He then cut my fringe above my eyebrows... and tried his best to style his error - however, my thick black hair will only stick forward if cut too short. After attempting to re-style it twice, and being told that I'd "get used to it being short", I ended up blow-drying it myself............ and yes, it still stuck outwards. He also decided to curl my hair in on itself, making me look like a mushroom...! Absolutely ridiculous. Didn't chat to me, didn't offer to take my coat, wasn't offered a drink, paid £37 to look like the mum from Friday Night Dinner -- went straight home and washed the mop I'd been given, to discover I looked like Monica when Pheobe cuts her hair. NEVER AGAIN. Beyond a joke.